The government directions in order to combat the current Covid virus pandemic means that the activities of the ISO Club are curtailed and regular networking meetings cannot go ahead 


Interim News

Activities Newsletter is published after each meeting. Due to the time lapse between issues any matters of importance will be noted here



The Tas Bull Seafarers Foundation is a not-for-profit foundation established to protect, promote and improve the welfare of visiting seafarers. It aims to ensure the wellbeing of international seafarers by providing social and welfare assistance when they berth at Australian ports.


All projects undertaken have this objective at heart, and in turn, we collaborate and convene with industry partners to enhance the welfare of international seafarers.



Seafarer Connect is an initiative developed and sponsored by the Tas Bull Seafarers Foundation to provide Free WI-FI to seafarers on ships visiting Port Botany.

Ships are provided a Cradle point Router on berthing at a terminal at Port Botany to be used for the ship is alongside.

Routers are enclosed in a secure orange or yellow carry box to protect the devices and provide safe and easy carriage.

To ensure this program is successful we rely on both the terminal operator and the responsible ships officers to ensure each router goes ashore prior to ships departure.


Bernie Farrelly Projects Officer at the foundation and Mick Doleman Chair of the Melbourne Seafarers Centre was scheduled to attend the May meeting [14-05-20] and give an oversight of the work done to support seafarers that come to our ports.

The meeting has been postponed to a date to be determined 


 Steam Labs Pty Ltd operated by Adam Colwell is the supplier of the Internet service that maintains our Web Site.

Adam has graciously provided our domain at no cost to the Club.

If you have any need for internet services please consider Adam and his team will get you in touch


Each year the ISO Club donates a significant amount of residual cash to the two organisations that give succor the Seafarers who visit our ports.

The Mission to Seafarers is an international mission of the Anglican Church which cares for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all nationalities and faiths.

There are 230
Mission sites around the world. In Victoria, at our 4 centres, work is carried out by chaplains, other staff and volunteers who give freely of their time 365 days of the year. Seafarers are visited on their ships and offered a welcome and whatever help they need. This can range from enabling them to telephone or email home, to offering comfort to the bereaved and assisting in cases of injustice.

While most seafarers are well treated, some are still abandoned in ports far from their homes, or remain unpaid or forced to work in unsafe or unacceptable conditions. In such situations, the
Mission plays a vital role in providing practical care and moral support.

Apostleship of the Sea - Stella Maris

The purpose of the Apostleship of the Sea is to care for the Spiritual, Social, and Material welfare of all Seafarers without distinction of colour, race or creed:

Concerned for the social well-being of seafarers, Stella Maris provides internet and telecommunications facilities, to allow visitors to keep in contact with their families, and recreational activities promoting their mental and physical health.

Committed to social justice for all and believing in the dignity of the human person, the society also supports seafarers in their right to fair remuneration, appropriate on-board accommodation, safe working conditions and non-discriminatory treatment by advocacy and working with other organisations.

  The ISO Club provides: -


  • Networking opportunities for the Port Community.
  • Access to over 300 professionals in shipping and allied industries.
  • Regular luncheon meetings in a relaxed environment.
  • A monthly news sheet about activities.
  • Non commercial contact forums.
  • Opportunities for problem solving.
  • International connections through member’s confreres.
  • Connections to industry aware independent consultants.
  • An annual donation to seafarers’ charities.

Some of the Companies involved are: -

  • Shipping Lines
  • Leasing Companies
  • Transport Companies
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Government Agencies
  • Port of Melbourne Corporation
  • Container Depots
  • Consumable Suppliers
  • Packers
  • Brokers
  • Business Consultants



Michael Halley is the Honorary Secretary


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